We use TidyHQ, an online service which tracks our membership info and provides us a mailing list and messaging services we use to send notice of things like weather-related cancellations and the next semester’s program announcement.

New members– it will save time for our administrative staff if you register online, using our TidyHQ registration page.  It’s a simple process:

  1. Go through the steps to create an account- at some point later, you’ll get get an e-mail on how to set your password, but this isn’t required.
  2. Click the Continue button under the semester membership
  3. Add details such as your height and voice part, then press Continue

All members should come 30 minutes early to the first rehearsal to pay the registration/music fees, using cash or a check made out to SIU-C.  The current semester’s dates and fees are indicated here.

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